Equip Employees with Work Tools Like Computers Seamlessly

We can help you Ship, Track and Recover IT devices and other work tools from your team in Africa, LATAM, Asia, Europe and the GCC

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Why Rayda?

Solving Asset Lifecycle Management

Simplified Employee Equipment

Use Rayda to equip your remote teams with tools like Laptops, Monitors and any type of work tool. When your employee leaves, we ‘ll help you recover these equipments, wipe them and deliver them to you or another employee

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Simplified Asset Tracking

Track mobile assets like employee devices, company vehicles and POS devices in real-time. Get notified when an asset is on the move, remotely wipe and lock a compromised asset and never lose sensitive information

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Simplified Fixed Asset Management

Rayda enables you to centralise the management of your assets. Quickly locate asset documentation, from receipts to insurance policies

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Use case

How You Can Use Rayda

  • For HR & Operations Teams

    Equip remote employees globally in 48 - 72 hours

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  • For Finance Teams

    Save cost with an asset manager that gets the job done

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  • For IT Teams

    Manage and track all your fixed assets globally

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  • For Startups

    Get up to 90% off our asset management software

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