An Asset Manager That Helps You Save Cost

Save cost by managing your assets better = smarter and avoid costly repairs. Track assets in real-time and save time with detailed performance reports.



Why you should choose Rayda

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    No more ghost assets

    Account for every asset in the organisation to allow for enhanced planning for asset replacement or new purchases

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    Save time with maintenance alerts

    We’ll send you maintenance alerts at intervals you set so that you can carry out maintenance on schedule and prevent extensive asset damages

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    Create insightful reports

    Customizable reports allow you to shift from re-active asset management to proactive asset management

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    Integrate with tools you already use

    Embed Rayda into your existing stack through integrations to market leading tools such as Quickbooks, Sage and Zoho (etc) in a few easy steps and maintain efficiency

… And it gets better

You can track assets in real-time and geo-fence them to a specific location.

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